Web developer and designer.
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A preset based video synthesizer that wraps hydra-synth with an interface that lets you trigger bits of code with your keyboard MPC style.

Refractor Space

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javascriptweb audiomusichydrap5.jsgenerative

A piece of interactive media built to accompany an electronic music release. Designed in collaboration with Circa2000 and Simonie Records. Generative audiovisual reinterpretations of three pieces of music.


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A web application for building simple web pages out of text boxes. It uses React for the frontend and Express/SQLite for the backend.

Wave Slicer

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javascripttypescriptreactweb audio

A tool for chopping up audio files into smaller pieces. Designed and built in collaboration with Jack Carrick. This project uses typescript and react.


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sequencerjavascriptweb audiomusic

A command based musical sequencer that can be played using a computer keyboard. It uses an instance of Engine to generate sound. It’s inspired by the spacetime study for monome norns.


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webjavascriptweb audiomusic

A polyphonic synthesizer created with Tone.js, inspired by Yamaha Portasound keyboards. You can play it with your computer keys. I use this to generate sound for some of my other projects.


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A web application for monitoring you mood and visualizing how it changes over time. Built with React, node.js, Feathers and MongoDB.

Sound Of Life

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javascript web audio html css music

A musical instrument that generates sounds using Conway’s Game of Life. Generative melodies and synthesized sounds.